Tailored care for you and your baby

Every new pregnancy is discussed in a weekly meeting between the midwives and the gynaecologists, this means your pregnancy too! If needed, the paediatrician will also be consulted. This is all with the aim of ensuring the best start for your baby. This consultation first requires you to have an intake appointment with one of our associated midwifery practices.

Basic care pathway

During the meeting with the gynaecologist a risk assessment will be made. Following the meeting you will be allocated a care pathway that is based on this assessment and specifically tailored to your individual situation.

Care will be with the midwife where possible, or with the gynaecologist if required. Decisions will always be made together with you. Our gynaecologists and midwives make optimal use of each others expertise, for care during pregnancy as well as the birth. This ensures you receive the best care for you and your baby.