Preconception care

If you are planning a pregnancy, you can ensure you and your baby have the healthiest possible start. Your midwife can help you with this.

If you follow a healthy lifestyle in the period before you become pregnant, this increases the chance of having a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

If you want more information about getting pregnant, have a look on our partners’ websites or check (in Dutch).

Having a baby and organizations that can help

The medical professionals who look after you during your pregnancy and birth all work closely together with various local organisations. 
This film will help you understand who can support you in your journey and addresses a number of questions.  

Posiadanie dziecka i organizacje, które mogą pomóc (Polska animacja)
Polska animacja

إنجاب طفل والمنظمات التي يمكن أن تساعد
|الرسوم المتحركة العربية

Bebek sahibi olmak ve yardımcı olabilecek kuruluşlar
Türk animasyonu