Having a baby, lifestyle, nutrition and work

How you live, how you feel and what you eat all have an effect on your health and the health of your baby. 

In this film you will learn about what you can do to eat healthily, live healthily and what you need to be mindful of in pregnancy. 

Posiadanie dziecka i styl życia, odżywianie i praca (Polska animacja)


إنجاب طفل ونمط حياة وتغذية وعمل


Bebek sahibi olmak ve yaşam tarzı, beslenme ve çalışma

Having a baby and what's going to change

Everything changes when you have a baby. You are no longer just a woman or a man, but also a mother or a father.

This film will help you understand what can change and how you can best deal with these changes.

If you have any questions, you can discuss them with your midwife, gynaecologist or at the baby clinic.


Posiadanie dziecka i wszystko, co się zmienia (Polska animacja)



نجاب طفل وكل ما يتغير



Bebek sahibi olmak ve değişen her şey


Tailor-made care for you and your baby

Every new pregnancy is discussed in a weekly consultation between the midwives and the gynaecologists, including yours!

If necessary, a paediatrician can also be consulted. All to ensure your baby is born safely.

In order to facilitate this process, an intake consultation needs to be carried out first at one of the associated midwifery practices.

Basic care pathway

During the consultation between the midwife and the gynaecologist regarding your care, they will look together to see which care pathway is best for you and your baby. In this way you as the expectant mother will be offered a care pathway that is specifically tailored to your needs.  

You will be looked after by a midwife where possible and a gynaecologist where required. Priority is always given to joint decision making with you. Gynaecologists and midwives make optimal use of each others expertise, both during prenatal care and during birth. In this way you can always be assured of the best care for you and your baby.