Prenatal screening: what are your options?

When you become pregnant, you are quickly confronted with some serious decision making. Do you want to have prenatal screening carried out to see if there is a chance the baby has a physical or chromosome defect? If so, what are the possibilites? 

At the end of the first trimester you can choose to have the NIPT test done, this will inform you of an increased chance of the baby having Down’s syndrome, Patau’s syndrome or Edward’s syndrome. 

If you would like to know if there is any indication of physical abnormality in the baby, you can choose to have a Structural Anomaly Scan done at around 20 weeks. The ’20 week scan’. 

From 1st September 2021 it is also possible to choose to have an early Structural Anomaly Scan carried out (the ETSEO or 13 week scan). This scan will be done around 13 weeks pregnancy in order to identify any physical anomalies present at an early stage. Your midwife can tell you more about this option.

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